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Chile stands out as a producer of truffles, mainly the black variety (Tuber melanosporum), whose quality equals that cultivated in Europe.
We are proud to be the only association of truffle growers in the country, where we bring together producers, exporters, professionals and specialized nurseries.

As an association, we have detailed information about our members. We work hand in hand to join forces, jointly address the technical and commercial challenges of our industry and continuously improve.
We love what we do and we are committed to growth and excellence in truffle growing!

"The truffle is the true diamond of gastronomy."

Jean Anthelme Brillat – Savarin

The Chilean truffle, an export product 

Exclusivity, texture,
color & scent

Every truffle that is to be consumed must have a powerful aroma, pleasant and firm to the touch. The shape, size, texture and color are aspects that define the truffle's classification. We can differentiate them into three large groups: Extra, First and Second grade. 

The first of these, extra grade truffle, is characterized by having a globular shape, medium size and free of imperfections. The first truffle grade is defined mainly by being a whole truffle, larger in size and irregular in shape. And finally the second truffle grade, is recognized by a broken or cut from a larger truffle.

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